Wire Box With Six Spool Wires

Wire Box With Six Spool Wires

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The newly-released product from UD, consisting of six different kinds of wires, makes it possible for you to realize your six dreams with one box.
With the six in one design, it is quite convenient to be used and you could just pull the wires out, since the box can be cycle used.
Here is the list of the wires:
1. Kanthal A1 26AWG, 10 meter spool
2. Nichrome 26AWG, 10 meter spool
3. NI200 26AWG, 10 meter spool
4. SS 316 26AWG, 10 meter spool
5. Kanthal A1 28AWG*3, 5 meter spool
6. 26+32AWG clapton wire, 5 meter spool

Please use Ni200 wires under the TC-Ni modes of your temperature control box mods.

Brand: UD
Unit: 1 set
Material: Kanthal A1, Ni200, SS316L, Nichrome
Size: 120*55*50mm
Gauge: Kanthal Al: 26Ga/28Ga*3(Twisted)/26Ga+32Ga(Clapton), Ni200: 26Ga, SS316L: 26Ga, Nichrome: 26Ga