K.G.B Kotton (1m)

K.G.B Kotton (1m)

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Oh boy have we been waiting passionately for this premium 100% organic Cotton!
Top secret collection of purest cotton collected in Syberia by the elite.
Un-spoilt by chemicals, bleaching or any processing methods to take away cotton’s property as intended by nature. This stuff is so pure it’s not even funny.

Comes as a coiled rope making it super easy to cut and feed into your coils!

We did try to tell them that it’s “Cotton” and “Premium”  but we received a cold stare in return and an answer NO KOMRAD, DIS IS PRIMIUM KOTTON!! … We didn’t stick around to argue with the serious looking bunch and left with an awkward smile.

– Heat resistant
– 1m coiled up length
– 100% Pure organic cotton

What’s in the box:
– 1 x Tin of 1m cotton.